Why ITSOne?

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 Software Development

We are a technology group that provides innovative IT solutions and specialized products that add real business value to our clients enterprises.  Our expertise encompasses operations and process consultancy, user experience, web design, and applications development and deployment.  We are result-focused.  We know that our clients expect tangible benefits from integrated business solutions:  That is what we deliver.

Our components are a suite of readily deployable web services-based solutions designed to deliver specific business value with reduced cost and time to market.  Our certified software professionals are experts in complete software development process.  We will help you to build your requirements, analyze your problem, design and develop a software system that meets your challenging requirements.

We provide total flexibility in terms of custom application development; the process is essentially "Client Driven".  Applications developed at ITSOne automate and simplify the business processes, thus increasing the ROI.  The core team is highly qualified and very well appreciated.  We assure you the best software consultation services for your business.

We provide companies with a competitive advantage through the application of the following core strengths:

  • First-time quality
  • Results and excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Service and responsiveness
  • System architecture
  • Distributed systems
  • Database development and administration
  • Internet development
  • Software project management
  • Industrial automation
  • Manufacturing control/Information systems
  • Network and serial communication
  • SECS/GEM communication