Why ITSOne?

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Operational efficiency has been defined in the following way: How a company delivers products/goods/services to its customers in the most cost-effective manner without reducing quality.

ITSOne is always working to bring you that solution, because we believe in the age-old importance of time and money. A business runs smooth when it is efficient on time, and makes more profit to expand when its costs are low; these are well-known facts in any business, but particularly with fields of energy usage.  Currently, utility companies worldwide are adopting new philosophies, and the goals they have set are being accomplished through some of the following ways:

Advocating conscientious energy usage

What does conscientious energy usage even mean?  When you think about it, being conscientious could be simply turning off the light switch as you exit a room; it could also be a major call to action, as is illustrated beautifully by an annual event known as Earth Hour.  Starting back on March 30th, 2007 Sydney, Australia turned out all its lights for Earth Hour.  Today, more than 50 countries celebrate this powerful (or powerless) hour as a stand against climate change. 

Energy-efficient buildings

It has been stated that almost half the electricity used worldwide comes from buildings.  Increasingly, companies are realizing the power they use and are being proactive about making a more efficient workplace.  Solar panels decorate the roofs of many buildings now, and the trend is even leaking into residential areas.  As a business based out of Arizona, the presence of solar energy is growing and is visible everywhere.  Arizona State University is leading a solar program that, as of March 31st, 2012 utilizes 57 solar systems on its four campuses throughout The Valley.

Solar and Wind Energy

We have all seen these sources of green energy; the solar panels on the roofs of buildings and some homes, and the huge wind turbines, most located off-shore.  They have been the two contenders in the race to find a definite solution to green energy.  Interestingly, over the last two years there has been development of a solar sail, essentially a giant solar panel launched into space to collect the solar wind of the Sun.  Red Orbit recently published an article back in March about the first "mission-capable" solar sail launched into space.  This innovation could theoretically power the entire planet many times over.