Why ITSOne?

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This is an exciting time for the healthcare industry thanks to new care innovations, models, and information technologies.  We have the depth and breadth of capabilities to ensure these advances are implemented in a way that is beneficial to both provider and patient.

Key Issues in Healthcare

Populations, the risks to their health, and the tools and approaches used to care for them are all changing rapidly.  Healthcare providers must also evolve quickly to meet challenges such as:

  • Improving patient safety records via effective clinical decisions and care delivery.
  • Managing the increasing cost of care through operational efficiency, asset and cost management, and new financial incentives.
  • Meeting privacy requirements for patient data, ensuring patient and provider privacy.

Our Healthcare Solutions

We work with healthcare organizations to quickly identify and implement changes that will lead to cost savings and improved care results.  We collaborate with our clients to ensure our solutions meet their needs and those of their patients.

Our Experience

We are a leading service provider to the healthcare industry.  Our Healthcare services cover the full scope of strategic, operational, and financial issues.

With clients around the world, and expertise gained in every healthcare environment, our Healthcare Practice has the resources and knowledge to provide a wide range of services and solutions.  Our expertise in specific healthcare workflows, processes, systems, and technologies that ensures a faster ramp-up and domain-intensive understanding.  We have worked with companies committed to building value-led software product offerings for providers, hospitals and networks. We offer the highest value at very affordable costs.

Some of the areas where we have proven expertise and past experience include:

  • Services and solutions for HIPAA compliance, 21 CFR 11
  • Hospital Information Management System
  • Re-engineering, integration and migration of legacy systems
  • HIPAA compliance
  • PDA-based Decision Support Systems
  • Document management systems
  • Bar-coding
  • Computer-Based Patient Record
  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • Master Patient Index Medical Records
  • Computerized Physician Order Entry