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 ITSOne Industry Profile

ITSOne has experience in several industries, and has expertise in the following areas:

Today’s world is demanding a call to action in regards to energy usage. Industry-wide efforts are being made to redesign energy usage to be renewable, while reducing the footprint we leave behind. With all of these changes happening, there also calls a demand for resources that accomplish these goals. ITSOne provides those solutions to utility companies who seek maintenance of the systems responsible for delivering power to consumers.  In order to create these systems, our staff uses a number of development applications and coding languages, including:

  • OSI Soft PI
  • Oracle
  • .Net
  • Java
  • IOS
  • Android

Our expertise in the fields of real-time systems, SCADA, communications systems, control system, mobile devices, simulation, and fault detection and classification systems, allows us to be a diverse solution to the needs of utility companies country-wide. Find below, more information about how ITSOne uses these skills to benefit organizations nation-wide.

Fault Detection and Classification Systems

Semula is a modular and easy to use SECS/GEM simulation tool for validating semiconductor factory automation. Semula implements SEMI E5 and E37 standards. Semula has an intelligent SECS message engine that simplifies that task of validating factory automation systems. Semula uses the latest technologies to simplify the task of SECS/GEM simulation by automating the code generation. Semula is ready for the next generation factory automation by incorporating XML and other emerging communication standards. With Semula there is no need to learn any simulation scripting languages. With a few mouse clicks you can start the simulation run within a few minutes. Semula saves you thousands of dollars in training and programming costs.

Communications Systems and Simulation

Performa is a web based Enterprise Equipment Performance Tracking application developed to address the challenges of the new generation manufacturing facilities. Performa collects events and alarms data from the equipment and presents performance metrics in a graphical format. Performa generates and delivers reports by email at your own schedule. Performa wireless solutions send the reports and notifications to PDAs and bring the equipment performance data to your finger tips. Performa is a highly reliable and scalable EPT system and is an essential tool in the modern manufacturing engineer’s arsenal.